Zed-Full EA9 08AZ/AB-908AS/AZ 64Pin MCU Adapter With Socket For Motorola MCU ZFH-EA9

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Zed Full EA9 MCU adapter overview:

The Zed Full ZFH-EA9 MCU adapter enables you to read 64 pin MC68HC0908 MCU out of Circuit without soldering it to the adapter.
Zed Full EA9 adapter benefits:
  • No need to have an additional Eeprom reader device.
  • Computer connection is not required.
  • No Soldering on board is required just clean the MCU and insert it into the socket
Zed Full ZFH-EA9 adapter supported processors:
  • QFP64 (08AZ / AB)
  • QFP64 (908AS / AZ)
Zed Full ZFHEA9 adapter supported modules:
  • Mercedes Benz EIS Motorola MCU reading and programming

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