Xhorse Mini ELV Emulator For Mercedes W204 W207 W212 5Pcs Pack For VVDI BGA Xhorse

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Xhorse VVDI MB Mini ELV emulator overview:

The Xhorse VVDI MB mini ELV simulator is the second generation of the VVDI Mercedes ELV emulator
The Xhorse VVDI Mercedes mini ELV emulator works the same as the old VVDI Mercedes W204 emulator
the main difference is this one comes in a mini portable size

Xhorse VVDI MB mini ELV simulator for Benz main features:

  • Xhorse VVDI MB mini ESL emulator is made of a hard material that won't break down easily.
  • The Xhorse Mercedes mini ELV emulator is the perfect replacement for the original Mercedes steering lock
  • The Xhorse Mercedes Benz W204 ELV emulator can emulate primary sound same as the original Mercedes W204 ELV
  • Xhorse mini Benz ELV emulator support all Mercedes Benz ELV models with Mercedes W204, W207 & W212 EIS
  • The Xhorse mini MB ELV can be placed at the original Mercedes ELV place, it will not affect the appearance and it is more stable and safety

How to know if the Mercedes ELV can be repaired or if the ELV NEC is locked:

  • Open The Xhorse VVDI MB software
  • Connect the Mercedes W204 ELV with the VVDI Mercedes programmer you can use the Mercedes ELV tester 
  • click at VVDI Mercedes ESL tools tab
  • Chose Mercedes W204, W207, W212
  • Chose reading Mercedes ESL by OBD
  • click read Mercedes ESL data
  • then click check Mercedes ESL damage for W204
  • if it shows Mercedes ESL is damaged then you have to replace it with one of these options
    • Xremotes Mercedes W204 ELV emulator
    • Genuine Mercedes W204 ESL
    • Xhorse Mini ESL emulator
    • Xhorse Mercedes W207 ELV emulator
  • if it shows Mercedes ESL is working that means the Mercedes ESL motor is damaged and it should be replaced
    You can replace the damaged Mercedes w204 steering lock motor and the Mercedes W207 steering lock will work back as normal without programming, we have two qualities of the Mercedes W204 steering lock motor:
    • Genuine Mercedes ELV motor
    • High-quality Mercedes ELV motor


How to program Mercedes W204 emulator by Xhorse VVDI Mercedes:

  • Read Mercedes W207 EIS data using VVDI MB OBD cable
  • Calculate Mercedes W207 EIS password using Xhorse VVDI data acquisition
  • Save Mercedes EIS data reading with the Mercedes EIS password
  • Load Mercedes W207 EIS data in the VVDI ESL interface
  • Click auto-clear TP & personalize Mercedes ELV
  • Then click write Mercedes ELV data
  • Now Mercedes ELV emulator is ready to use and the car is ready to start


Xhorse VVDI Mercedes mini ELV emulator supported models:

  • Xhorse VVDI Mercedes W204 ELV emulator
  • Xhorse VVDI Mercedes W207 ELV emulator
  • Xhorse VVDI Mercedes W212 ELV emulator

Supported Models:

MERCEDES BENZ C180 2007 2015
MERCEDES BENZ C200 2007 2015
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2007 2015
MERCEDES BENZ C250 2007 2015
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2008 2015
MERCEDES BENZ C350 2008 2015
MERCEDES BENZ C63 2008 2015
MERCEDES BENZ E200 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ E220 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ E250 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ E300 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ E400 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ E550 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ E63 2009 2016
MERCEDES BENZ GLK280 2008 2009
MERCEDES BENZ GLK300 2009 2012
MERCEDES BENZ GLK350 2008 2015

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