Xhorse VVDI Mercedes Benz ECU Renew Adapters

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Mercedes Benz ECU Test Adapters Overview

The Mercedes Benz ECU Test Adapters allow you to do Mercedes ECU Re-flashing on Table without the car by Flashing Device with it, also it can be used for connecting to diagnostic devices to scan the ECU fault code, test the ECU work well or not through vehicle's OBD interface, it has been tested using Xhorse VVDI MB

Mercedes ECU renew cables supported devices:

  • Xhorse VVDI MB Mercedes BGA
  • Xhorse VVDI 2
  • KTAG
  • KESS V2
  • Mercedes ECU reflashing devices that support CAN protocol & those ECU types.

Mercedes Benz ECU renew cables supported ECU models:

  • Mercedes CR3.XX ECU renew
  • Mercedes CR4.XX ECU renew
  • Mercedes CR5 ECU renew
  • Mercedes CR6 ECU renew
  • Mercedes CR60.XX ECU renew
  • Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 ECU renew
  • Mercedes SIM4LKE ECU renew
  • Mercedes SIM271KE2.0 ECU renew
  • Mercedes CRD.11 ECU renew
  • Mercedes CRD2.XX ECU renew
  • Mercedes ME9.7 ECU renew
  • Mercedes MED17.7.X ECU renew
  • Mercedes SIM266 ECU renew

How to Renew Mercedes ECU Using VVDI MB:

  • Install the Xhorse VVDI MB software on your computer
  • Open the VVDI BGA Software and connect the Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 ECU renew Cable to the VVDI Mercedes OBD plug and connect an external 12V power adapter to it
  • Press the Mercedes to renew ECU / Mercedes renew Gearbox button, choose the Mercedes ECU Module, click read, click Get ECU Erase pass
  • It will take few seconds to calculate the Mercedes ECU erase password online, press the renew button
  • now the ECU is virgenised and can be programmed to another vehicle

Mercedes ECU renew adapters box contains:

  • 2pc x Mercedes Benz ECU cable
  • 1pc x Mercedes CR3.XX Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes CR4.XX Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes CR5 Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes SIM271DE2.0/CR6/CR60.XX Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes SIM4LKE Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes SIM271KE2.0 Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes CRD.11 Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes CRD2.XX Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes ME9.7 Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes MED17.7.X Adaptor
  • 1pc x Mercedes SIM266 Adaptor

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