Mercedes Benz Nec Key Adapter For VVDI BGA Xhorse Programming Device

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Xhorse Mercedes Benz Nec key adapter Overview:

This adapter will save your time, because with it no more soldering is required.
Just put the NEC chip on the adapter and plug the adapter to the device, then you can read and write with seconds, support both 315MHz & 434MHz
Without soldering / without wire jumper / no need any other adaptor
Supported Keys:
  • Support normal key v51 v57 to get the password directly
  • Support normal key v28 v35 v40 v51 v57 renew & write
  • Support keyless go keys v03 v06 v07 v08 v09 v61 renew & write
  • Support keyless go keys v03 v05 v06 v07 v08 v09 v59 v61 write key file by IR or on board
More supported models will be added soon.
Note: this adapter supports reading by VVDI BGA

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