Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Transponder Programmer & Remote Generator

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VVDI Mini Key Tool Overview:

Xhorse KEY tool mini is a professional smart device with a Bluetooth communication interface that is integrated inside, The Xhorse Mini tool is easy and flexible to use.

Xhorse Mini VVDI Key Tool Main Features:

  • VVDI mini tool covers the same functions as an original VVDI Key Tool
  • Xhorse VVDI mini key tool is operated using a smartphone app available for IOS & Android
  • Xhorse mini Key Tool detect remote frequency & copy remotes
  • mini Key Tool has Ignition switch coil signal detection
  • Key Tool mini unlocks Toyota & Lexus smart key 40bit & 80bit
  • VVDI mini Key Tool can convert VVDI special chip from 4D to 4C
  • VVDI mini Key Tool can do Xhorse VVDI remote repair calibration
  • Mini VVDI Key Tool supports Xhorse smart key cloning
  • Xhorse Mini VVDI Key Tool supports Xhorse smart key customization
  • Mini VVDI Keytool supports Remote battery recharging for BMW, Land Rover, Mini Copper etc.
  • X-horse mini Key Tool supports Honda motorcycle key renew 

Main Functions of Xhorse mini Key Tool:

  • Xhorse mini KeyTool Generate Remote Controls & Smart keys
    The Xhorse VVDI Key tool mini Remote generator can generate various types of Xhorse remote Control & Xhorse VVDI smart keys for all VVDI remotes types: Xhorse VVDI remotes, Xhorse VVDI wireless remotes, Xhorse Super remotes & Xhorse Universal smart keys
  • X-horse mini Keytool Transponder Chip Reading & Transponder chip cloning
    The Mini Xhorse Key tool supports reading transponder chips for all models up to date, and it supports online & offline transponder chip cloning for most types such as VVDI mini Key tool ID46 cloning, VVDI mini Key tool ID48 cloning, VVDI mini Key tool ID40 cloning, VVDI mini Key tool ID4E cloning, VVDI mini Key tool Toyota H cloning, VVDI mini Key tool Toyota G cloning, VVDI mini Key tool 8C cloning, and much more…
  • Xhorse mini VVDI Key Tool Generate Transponder Chip
    The Xhorse tool mini can generate special Xhorse VVDI chip, Xhorse VVDI Super chip & original Blank transponder chips
  • X-Horse VVDI KeyTool mini renew remotes & smart keys
    The VVDI mini key tool remote unlock feature support unlocking remote control & smart keys
    You can unlock the remotes using Xhorse VVDI key tool unlock adapters sets or you can unlock using soldering cables to Xhorse VVDI key tool diagram, the VVDI key tool mini remote unlock diagram is available at the device up to date

  • Mini Xhorse Key Tool recognize & copy Access card
    The Mini VVDI key tool can Identify the IC Access cards for Garage, Parking, Elevators & others and can clone it for many types
  • X-horse mini VVDI Key Tool can generate & copy garage remotes
    The VVDI tool mini can clone Fixed code Gate remotes & it can generate rolling code remotes for Brands Such: Came Gate remote, Motorline Gate remote, Nice Gate remote, Proteco Gate remote, Roger Gate remote

How to get free ID48 96bit Cloning for VVDI Mini Key tool :

You can Generate 10 pcs of Xhorse VVDI new remotes using Mini VVDI Keytool and you will collect 1 point for 1-time ID48 96bit cloning, it will be loaded to the device by the server after 1 hour

How to Update Mini VVDI Key Tool:

You must connect your mini vvdi key to your smartphone
Then to update the VVDI key tool you press the update button at the Xhorse smartphone app
It will show you the Xhorse App update version, Xhorse VVDI key tool Firmware update version & Xhorse VVDI key tool remote database update version, to update your mini VVDI key tool press update and it will be ready in few minutes

Xhorse Mini Key Tool Package List

  • Mini VVDI Key Tool Device X 1
  • Mini VVDI Key Tool USB cable X 1
  • Xhorse mini Key Tool Remote generate cable X 1
  • Xhorse mini Key Tool User Manual X 1



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