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TM Pro 2 key programmer overview:

Transponder Maker, Pro 2 also known as TMPro or TmPro 2 is a hardware/software suite for transponder chip producing, transponder key programming, transponder key copying, and PIN code/security code calculating.
The programming hardware is a small box, which is connected to a free USB port on your PC. The Software user interface is then used to control the programmer.

The TMPro key programmer Price is competitive to all other Transponder key programming devices since the tmpro2 license can be purchased separately
when you purchase the device, you got the tmpro2 basic software included

TM Pro 2 Programmer Main Features:

  • Transponder key programmer
  • Transponder key copier
  • PIN code calculator/security code calculator
  • Eeprom reader and Eeprom programmer.
  • The protection programmer is a small box, which has to be connected to a free PC USB port.
The TMPro key programmer is easy to use and offers a wide range of software that supports various Immo boxes and keys.
TMPro 2 software is designed to help in the locksmith`s job.
The transponder maker pro (Tm Pro2) is not as expensive as you might think. TMPro2 is organized into modular software. This means that each supported immobilizer is a separate specific software module.
The TMPro2 Key Programmer is designed like this in order that you do not have to anticipate what software you are going to need, and may simply purchase the relevant module when the need arises, this enables us to keep the costs reasonable.
You can purchase TmPro2 modules when you know you have a job to do, and therefore, be sure of an immediate return on your investment.
To start, it is possible to have only the TMPro2 Base Unit with just a single module. All future Tmpro module purchases are downloadable. 

TmPro2 Key Programmer User interface supports 10 languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Hungarian
  • Spanish
  • Serbian
  • Italian
  • Czech

Transponder chip to be used for Programming with the TmPro2:

  • Sokymat Nova, also known as Silca T5 or JMA TP05.
  • Philips PCF 7935. You can use also Silca T15 or JMA TP14.
  • Philips PCF 7936. You can use also Silca T14 or JMA TP12.
  • Sokymat Magic, also known as Megamos Crypto. You can use also Silca T6 or JMA TP08.
  • JMA TPX1 = Errebi TX1.You can use also Chinese YS-01 or CN1.
  • JMA TPX2 = Errebi TX2.You can use also Chinese YS-01 or CN2.
  • Texas DST, also known as Texas Crypto or Silca 4D-60 - JMA TP06/TP19
  • JMA TPX3/TPX4 or Errebi TX4/TX4A or CN3.

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