KeyDiy KD-MAX Key Tool Programmer & Remote Generator

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KEYDIY KD-Max key unlock remote generator overview:

The Keydiy MAX smart key programmer is a multi-function auto key programmer which is very popular among locksmiths thanks to its small body and powerful functions, the KEYDIY Max smart key generator & unlocker has all the features of the KD-X2 key programmer and much more...

KeyDiy KD-MAX Key Tool Programmer & Remote Generator

The Keydiy KD-MAX remote generator is more than just a Keydiy key cloner, it is also capable of identifying & cloning transponder chips, Keydiy transponder chip generating, Keydiy remote cloning for fixed code remotes, Keydiy remote control generating & Keydiy smart key generating, Keydiy remote control frequency tester, Built-in Ignition coil signal detector, Unlock used remotes & smart keys and much more functions...

KEYDIY KD-MAX introduction:

  1. Keydiy MAX has an 800W HD LCD touch screen.
  2. Keydiy KD-Max has a 1500 mA battery
  3. Keydiy MAX has WIFI & Bluetooth built-in
  4. Keydiy MAX generating a new KD universal smart key for various vehicle models
  5. Keydiy Max can be recharged using a Type-C cable
  6. Keydiy Max programmer has a battery voltage detection mode

KEYDIY KD MAX basic functions:

  • Keydiy KD-MAX remote generation.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX generation garage remote.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX unlocks Proximity Key.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX remote frequency detection.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX access card copy.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX copy fixed code remote
  • Keydiy KD-MAX copy HCS Remote.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX clone transponder chips
  • Keydiy KD-MAX generation transponder chips.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX editing transponder chip.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX ignition Coil Signal detection.
  • Keydiy KD-MAX remote battery leakage detection
  • and much more


Manufacturer KeyDiy [Genuine]

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