Bmw Steering Lock Emulator For E60 E87 E90 ELV / ESL Plug & Play No Need Adaptation

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BMW Steering Lock Emulator Overview:

Once you get a BMW ELV fault you must replace BMW Steering lock unit and code it using BMW coding devices
Our BMW steering wheel lock bypass is universal BMW ELV bypass & Mini Cooper ELV bypass
BMW ELV emulator Emulates ELV permanently (BMW steering lock module) and you don’t have to do BMW ELV repair any more.
BMW steering lock emulator Works with BMW E60 Steering lock, BMW E87 Steering lock, BMW E90 Steering lock, Mini Cooper Steering lock and other BMW Vehicles enquired with CAS2, CAS3 & CAS3+.
BMW ESL emulator is Plug and Play and no additional programming required.
In some cases, must clear CAS error memory and counters with diagnostic tool.

BMW MINI ELV emulator works with 3 pin BMW ELV units & 4 pin BMW ELV units
As the fourth missing pin is only for a higher mechanical drive voltage to power the ELV motor and isn't required by our emulator.

BMW ELV emulator installation steps:

  1. Make sure BMW steering wheel lock is unlocked, (if steering lock in lock mode it most be removed from the car)
  2. Remove the 4-wire connector from the ELV BMW e60
  3. Identify the location of the number 1 wire from the wiring harness, connector or the steering column connector
  4. Plug the connector from your wiring harness (4 wire black connector)
    into the Emulator so pin 1 from your harness is mated with pin 1 on the emulator.
  5. It’s best to secure the connector so it can’t come loose and make sure it has good contact with your wiring harness – Best to solder in place
The BMW ELV steering wheel lock emulator will fix your problem as long as you have a faulty ELV.
The BMW steering lock ELV emulator won’t fix your problem if you have a faulty CAS unit.
In some cases, you must clear CAS error memory and counters with diagnostic tool after connecting BMW electric steering lock ELV emulator.

BMW ELV Repair Emulator Supported Vehicles:

  - BMW E81 ELV Emulator (BMW E81 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E82 ELV Emulator (BMW E82 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E87 ELV Emulator (BMW E87 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E90 ELV Emulator (BMW E90 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E91 ELV Emulator (BMW E91 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E92 ELV Emulator (BMW E92 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E93 ELV Emulator (BMW E93 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E60 ELV Emulator (BMW E60 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E61 ELV Emulator (BMW E61 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E63 ELV Emulator (BMW E63 Steering lock bypass)
  - BMW E64 ELV Emulator (BMW E64 Steering lock bypass)
  - Mini Cooper R55 ELV Emulator (Mini Cooper R55 Steering lock bypass)
  - Mini Cooper R56 ELV Emulator (Mini Cooper R56 Steering lock bypass)
Important Notes: the BMW steering lock ELV emulator will not turn off any yellow/red steering wheel symbols.
The BMW ESL lock emulator designed to emulate a working steering lock so you will need to reset the CAS counter or ELV counter before the lights turn off.

Supported Models:

BMW E60 2003 2010
BMW E87 2004 2012
BMW E90 2004 2013
BMW X3 2006 2009
BMW X5 2006 2014

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