Bmw MEVD17.2.x N13 & N20 N55 B38 DME Adapter To Read ISN For VVDI Prog

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BMW DME ISN reading adapter set for VVDI Prog overview:

This is a 3 Piece adapter set for reading BMW MEVD17.2.x DME data without soldering or DME cover opening.
Using these adapters, you can connect the DME on the bench With the VVDI Prog without opening the DME, when performing BMW All Keys Lost. You don't have to spend time removing the BMW DME from the vehicle.

You just need to pull out the DME connector and insert the BMW DME ISN reading adapter into the DME to get the ISN through the VVDI Prog

Supported BMW DME ISN reading:

  • BMW MEVD17.2.x DME ISN reading
  • BMW N13 DME ISN reading
  • BMW N20 DME ISN reading
  • BMW B38 DME ISN reading
  • BMW N55 DME ISN reading

BMW DME ISN reading adapter set contains:

  • BMW MEVD17.2.x  N13 & N20 DME Adapter X 1PCS
  • BMW MEVD17.2.x  BM38 DME Adapter X 1PCS
  • BMW MEVD17.2.x  N55 DME Adapter X 1PCS

The BMW DME adapter must be used with the Xhorse VVDI Prog  & VVDI Prog Bosch adapter

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