BMW CAS4 CAS4+ Data Reading Clips Socket Wires for VVDI Prog

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Xhorse VVDI Prog BMW CAS4 & CAS4+ Reading Socket Overview:

The Xhorse VVDI BMW CAS4 reading socket is applied to read BMW CAS4 & CAS4+ directly without cutting wires, reading BMW CAS4 without removing CAS4 component & reading BMW CAS4 without soldering

VVDI Prog CAS4 reading socket main features:

  • VVDI Prog CAS4 socket doesn't need cut circuit wires
  • VVDI Prog Socket for BMW CAS4 doesn't need to remove a component of the BMW CAS4 & CAS4+ circuit.
  • VVDI Prog BMW CAS4 adapter doesn't need soldering to read BMW CAS unit.
  • VVDI Prog BMW CAS4 reading adapter is safe and fast to perform CAS4 & CAS4+ Data reading & writing

VVDI Prog CAS4 adapter package contains:

  • 1pc x Xhorse VVDI Prog BMW CAS4 data reading socket

Before you use the Xhorse BMW CAS4 reading socket it is better to remove the protection glue at the CAS4 circuit to let the VVDI Prog socket probe reach the BMW CAS4 boot points surface

Note: This BMW CAS4 socket adapter can be used with the VVDI prog programmer

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